How to Order Whiskey Like a Pro

How to Order Whiskey Like a Pro

Not sure if you love hanging out at a bar like me, but have you noticed how customers order their whiskey?

Let’s admit it – ordering whiskey can be a little daunting, especially for those who don’t go out often. I once heard someone ordered a whisky, and a whiskey. The bartender didn’t even ask a question. It would have been so confusing for me if I was the one serving their drinks!

When the night’s young and the bar goers keep coming in, the busy bartender can only take so much pressure.

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Make it a fun experience. Here’s how you can order whiskey like a pro.

Check what’s available

Let’s start with the basics. You need to know the different types and blends of a whiskey. The list is long, but here are some that you should know.

The Irish Whiskeys

When your whiskey was made and produced in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland, yes, you guessed it right, you have an Irish Whiskey! This type of whiskey is known for its clean, smooth taste.

Irish whiskeys are aged for 3 years or more. Peat is not used during the malting process to achieve its clean taste and smooth texture.

Normally, Irish whiskeys are distilled using malted and unmalted barley with a mix of other grains. They are being distilled 3 times for lighter and more neutral taste and feel.

The Scotch Whiskeys

As the name implies, this type of whiskey can only be made and produced in Scotland. Scotch whiskeys are made from malted barley. They are normally distilled twice and are left to age in oak barrels for at least 3 years.

Since peat (or dirt) is used in malting, this type of whiskey has a smoky taste.

Scotch whiskeys made from malted barley are called single malt Scotch. On the other hand, Single grin Scotch are those that are made at a single malt barley distillery and other types of grains regardless if they’re malted or not.

There are three blends of Scotch whiskey. These are called:

  1. Blended malt Scotch – This is made when single malt Scotch whiskeys from different distilleries are blended.
  2. Blended grain Scotch – This is made by blending single grain Scotch whiskeys from different distilleries.
  3. Blended Scotch – This is made when a single malt Scotch and single grain Scotch are blended.

The American Whiskeys

Ah! Thank God for American whiskeys!

These whiskeys are normally aged in new charred oak barrels. Among the most popularly known American whiskeys are Bourbon, Tennessee whiskey, and Rye whiskey.

Bourbon – At least 51% of Bourbon is made from corn. It has a sweet, delicious taste. Some of Bourbon’s famous brands are Wild Turkey and Maker’s Mark.

Tennessee Whiskey – This type of whiskey is just Bourbon made from Tennessee. The main difference is that Tennessee whiskey is filtered through maple charcoal before aging. This process removes unpleasant taste and odor and thus, gives Tennessee whiskey a cleaner taste.

Among the famous Tennessee, whiskey brands are George Dickel, Colleir and McKeel, and the good ‘ol Jack Daniels.

Rye Whiskey – If you are looking for a different blend, then try this whiskey. It’s made from at least 51% of rye which gives it a spicy, fruity taste.

Our Classic Iowa Legendary Aged Rye Whiskey is perfect for your next round.

Decide on How You Want it To Be Served

When you finally know what you want, figure out how you want it to be served.

Now, this is the fun part. Here are some ways to call your order:

Neat – If you love to enjoy the aroma and flavor of your whiskey, then go choose neat. It’s basically whiskey at room temperature without ice.

On the Rocks – This simply means that whiskey will be served with ice.

Whiskey with Water – This is just it – whiskey with water. This helps in improving the taste of your whiskey to your liking. It’s best to try and taste the whiskey first if it needs water.

With a Twist – Order this if you want your whiskey to be served with a thin strip of citrus peel.

Up – This order is best for Manhattan and other whiskey-based martinis. It’s stirred and strained into a chilled stemware glass.

With Lemon or Lime – If you want your whiskey with a more citrusy feel, try ordering it with a side of lemon or lime.

Chaser – If you want to spice it up a bit, order a chaser. It’s whiskey with a small side of other beverages like juice or soda after a shot.

Short – Specify short if you want less mix when you order a double.

Dram – This is the traditional call for Scottish glass of whiskey.

Call your order

Time to call the bartender for your order! Sit back, relax, and wait for your whiskey!

Enjoy your drink and do it again!

Hope this little guide helps the next time you order your drink! Let us know how you order your whiskey in the comment section below! 

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