The history of Iowa Legendary Rye comes from a humble town in Carroll County Iowa and a woman by the name of Lorine Sextro. Faced with the great depression of the 30s most families struggled to make ends meet. Bootlegging became the profession of choice in Iowa. The Sextro family took part in letting bootleggers make rye whiskey on their property. That wasn’t enough though, Grandma Lorine had other plans.

Lorine had a way with how she did things. Rough, rugged and determined to take care of her family she learned how to Make Rye Whiskey from one of the best and then made it better. It was so good that her reputation as the bootlegging grandma stuck over the years and her fame in the bootlegger community is well known.  

Years later, that prohibition recipe is made the exact same way by our Master Distiller. Done with care and taking the time to do it right, this Small batch Rye is simply Legendary.

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT Truly small batch whiskey. Only a small percentage of spirit makers in the world do small batch whiskey. An not many in the world knew how to make it like grandma. The feel is completely different and the taste has a unique spiciness and warmth when taking your whiskey neat. Our mission is to provide the opportunity to experience whiskey the way it was made back int he Prohibition era. We want to invite whiskey drinkers and newcomers alike to taste and experience the feel of clean, pure 100% organic rye grain only spirits and whiskey. 

2019 Proof Awards — Gold

2018 Denver International

Spirits Competition — Gold

2018 TheFiftyBest.com — Gold

2018 Los Angeles International

Spirits Competition – Silver

2017 North American Bourbon & Whiskey

Competition — Double Gold

2017 Seattle International

Spirits Awards — Gold

2017 Cigar & Spirits Magazine Rating — 91

2019 Proof Awards 
2018 TheFiftyBest.com

2018 Denver International Spirits Competition — Gold
2018 Los Angeles International Spirits Competition – Gold & Best of Category
2017 Seattle International Spirits Awards 
2017 Cigar & Spirits Magazine Rating — 93

2019 Proof Awards — Gold
2018 Denver International Spirits Competition Winner


Iowa Legendary Rye Aged Rye begins life being distilled in small batches in 26 gallon custom built stills for an authentic historically accurate Prohibition-era taste. It then spends 18 months aging in new 15 gallon barrels. When Grandma Sextro was asked in her 90s why she used such a small barrel, her response was, “Have you ever tried to run from the Feds with a 40 gallon barrel?”

Fans of our Aged Rye will be sure to love our Private Reserve Rye. Like our White Rye and Aged Rye, it’s made in a historically accurate 26 gallon custom still. It’s then aged in a previously used barrel for eight months and then transferred to a second used barrel for 12 months. The result is an extra level of smoothness usually found in a much more mature spirit.

Made in Carroll, Iowa Legendary Rye’s White Rye is amazingly smooth and slightly sweet. This light spirit is bottled straight off the still and would be sure to please vodka lovers. It is nothing like you have ever tasted, unless of course, you were around during Prohibition.

Iowa Legendary Rye’s rye vodka is truly unique. Its distilled using a modified vodka flute on our same custom stills, it is then distilled twice and charcoal filtered for purity. Each run is created in small batches and hand-crafted for some of the finest tasting vodka you will find. With its slight rye taste and a tingling finish, it’s a vodka unlike any other.